Shanghai Dongmeng Road & Bridge Machinery

Create a century-old enterprise worthy of customer trust in the crushing and screening industry, create greater value for customers, and create a green future

A few words about our crusher

We have been recognized as one of China's crusher export bases. We aim to provide the best service.

Our employees continuously improve their abilities and knowledge through training and seminars to ensure that the machines are carried out using the latest industry standards.

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Our Services

We take the interests of customers as the foundation and service as the core, tailoring cost-effective products for customers and providing comprehensive and meticulous services.

Our solution show

The broken site is the best place for engineers to display their work. We welcome you to take a look at our work.

We provide solutions for each customer, and achieve profitability for customers in a short period of time with maximum efficiency. We always welcome customers and visitors to visit Dongmeng's factories, so that customers can understand our products more directly.

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Our Product

Technological innovation, excellence

Our advantages

After more than ten years of continuous improvement, we have become one of China's crusher export bases. This is why people choose us.

Continuous learning and advanced training are essential for the crushing industry. Therefore, the continuous development of new products and technologies is very important to our employees. Every technical engineer in Dongmeng is exerting his skills and creativity. We are also committed to providing you with the best results at a reasonable price.


We are responsible for the quality of the services you receive!


Every engineer in Dongmeng knows that safety always comes first. This is why our Dongmeng team only uses the best equipment and consumables. In addition, we guarantee 100% safety and customer satisfaction in every delivery and every after-sale, and provide a complete solution. Our Dongmeng engineers will make every effort to provide you with perfect service.

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The best solution to enjoy in our studio is to make an appointment with the required technical engineer. Fill in the form below and we will contact you to discuss your appointment.

Testimonials of Our Clients

Thanks to our clients’ regular reviews, testimonials, and comments, we are able to improve our studio.

Unlike other studios, whether it is a fixed or mobile broken service, we hope to maintain stable contact with customers and receive feedback about each service. If you have already visited Dongmeng, please feel free to contact us and send your recommendation letter.

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