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4 main assembly points of eccentric shaft and bearing of jaw crusher

  • By: Damon Davis
  • 2020-11-20
The eccentric shaft and bearing are important parts of the jaw crusher. They play a very important role in the jaw crusher. Therefore, the installation of the eccentric shaft and the bearing requires special attention. The following is an introduction to the eccentric shaft and bearing installation. 4 main points:
1. Allocation of sliding bearings
 Before installing the bearing, it is necessary to do the research and matching work of the bearing, and then put it into the bearing seat. Use a spirit level to check the placement level and coaxiality of the bearing. After the test is qualified, install the eccentric shaft on the bearing. The fit between the shaft and the bearing can be checked by applying red lead powder.
2. The bearing is heated evenly
   In the process of bearing installation, the principle of thermal expansion and contraction needs to be used, so a strict heating process is required. Bearings of different sizes and specifications are heated at a suitable temperature. Uneven heating of the bearing will cause the quality of the assembly to decrease, so it is necessary to ensure that the bearing is heated evenly.
3. Ensure that the bearing is balanced into the eccentric shaft
   Knock the opposite corner of the bearing during installation to ensure that the bearing enters the eccentric shaft in a balanced manner. When the eccentric shaft enters the movable jaw, it is necessary to strike the jaw with a hammer, and use the interaction force to make the eccentric shaft enter the movable jaw in a balanced manner. Does not damage the bearing.
4. Adequate bearing lubrication
   Inject grease into the movable jaw so that the grease in the bearing occupies about 50% of its space volume. The grease needs to be replaced every 3-6 months. Clean kerosene or gasoline should be used to clean the raceways of the roller bearings, so that the bearings are fully and uniformly lubricated, and the service life of the bearings can be extended. Lubricating oil can be applied between the bearing and the bearing seat to reduce the wear of the bearing, the eccentric shaft and the machine The contact area of ​​the frame should be greater than 80%, and the gap should be less than 0.07mm.
The above has introduced four assembly points that need to be paid attention to during the installation of the eccentric shaft and bearing of the jaw crusher. The eccentric shaft and bearing are the key components of the operation of the crusher. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the above during the installation of the jaw crusher. 4 points, to ensure that the crusher is installed correctly and operates normally.