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How to reduce the operating cost of sand and gravel production line?

  • By: Damon Davis
  • 2020-11-19
For a sand and gravel processing company, how to obtain greater production profits through low investment and high efficiency is a very headache. Here, for the majority of users, an easily overlooked source of increasing the profit of the sand and gravel production line is proposed-increasing investment by reducing production costs and parts consumption. In fact, companies that have invested in sand and gravel aggregates are very clear that the cost of purchasing sand and gravel aggregate equipment in the early stage is not equivalent to the final investment cost, because after the sand and gravel aggregate production equipment is put into use, the equipment consumes every day Electricity, the consumption of parts to be replaced regularly, and the discharge of sewage to be treated are also a large number of long-term accumulations, even exceeding the total amount of the previous purchases.
 1. How to reduce production costs and parts consumption?
Now that we have determined that reducing production costs and reducing the consumption of accessories can bring us huge benefits, then we should start from these two aspects and find a way to achieve it. Although it is difficult to reduce production costs and reduce the consumption of accessories, it is not impossible to achieve. On the contrary, many stone manufacturers have achieved this goal by optimizing and combining production processes. How did they do it?
 On the one hand, they purchased Haoyun's optimized assembly line equipment and adopted a short-flow sand making process. On the other hand, the equipment purchased has high quality and good environmental protection effect, which reduces the consumption of accessories and discharge costs.
 "Short process" refers to reducing the number of crushing equipment, or reducing the number of crushing stages, and changing multiple stages of crushing into two stages of crushing to reduce investment costs. Haoyun’s short crushing process is a combination of single-stage German jaw crushing + VSI sand making machine. Both devices have high performance. They can break the top once and crush twice, reducing one second-stage counterattack. For the crusher or cone crusher, three stages are crushed in two stages, which can not only reduce the cost of the main crusher per day, but also reduce the loss of the belt conveyor and the belt conveyor motor, and greatly reduce the operating cost. In addition, they have also done environmental protection treatment and equipped with professional dust and noise reduction equipment to ensure the environmental benefits of the production line.
 The key crushing components of the jaw crusher and VSI sand making machine are not only advanced in manufacturing technology, but also in excellent materials, coupled with the strengthened rigidity and hardness after special treatment, which is 30% higher than that of ordinary crushers, and the service life is greatly extended.
 According to an old customer of Dongmeng, "Not only have prices soared in recent years, but environmental protection requirements have also been particularly strict. I don't want to reduce costs and control pollution. I can't do it anymore." "Fortunately, when I changed the equipment, I followed your advice. The suggestion is to adopt a method of shortening the process and configure it as a new type of environmental protection equipment. The purchase price is the same as before. Although the efficiency has improved significantly, it is still profitable."