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Low crusher capacity?

  • By: Damon Davis
  • 2020-11-13
The crusher is a commonly used sand making equipment in the sand production line, which has the function of crushing materials. The crusher is simple in structure and easy to operate, and is widely used in roads, railways, construction, water conservancy and other industries. In the process of machine-made sand production, the following 5 points can be used to increase the production capacity of the crusher.
1. Strictly control the feed size
   When operating the jaw crusher, the feed size should be controlled to prevent the crusher from jamming or clogging. The raw material cannot exceed the maximum feed particle size specified by the jaw crusher, otherwise it is easy to block the cavity and make the equipment unable to operate normally for a long time. Therefore, controlling the feed particle size of raw materials is one of the prerequisites for ensuring the normal operation of the crusher.
2. Strictly control the feeding amount
When feeding the crusher, in addition to controlling the size, you must also pay attention to the feeding amount. The working of the crusher is a semi-rhythmic state. If too much material is input, the material will not be broken in time, and the crushed material will not be removed in time. This causes the crusher to block. Therefore, it is necessary to control the feed rate, and any material interruption or excessive feeding will affect the capacity of the crusher.
3. Rhythmic feeding, control feeding
Nowadays, the end chute used by many crusher equipment is old, and 2/3 of the feeding equipment is exposed outside the warehouse. However, due to the remote location of the feeding port, the feeding equipment will become a vibrating chute, which will not only affect the feeding Speed ​​will increase the degree of wear. The ideal feeding position should be within 1/3 of the top of the equipment.
When feeding materials, vertical feeding should be prohibited, especially when using dump trucks to discharge materials. Vertical feeding will cause the equipment to lose its vibration ability and affect the conveying effect from the static. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the appropriate feeding angle to ensure smooth feeding.
4. Adjust the angle of the feeder to improve the screening function
  Vibrating machines generally have grate bars and have screening functions. However, in actual applications, due to factors such as feeding angle and amplitude, it is easy to block the grate bars and lose the original efficiency during the screening process. Therefore, it is necessary to properly adjust the angle of the feeder, give full play to the screening function of the mining machine, and improve the screening function.
5. Reasonably adjust the discharge port of the crusher
The size of the discharging port of the crusher determines the processing capacity of the equipment. As a rough crushing device, the size of the discharging port of the jaw crusher should be based on the feed size of the second stage of crushing. The size of the discharging port cannot be adjusted arbitrarily .
The above has introduced 5 ways to increase the capacity of the crusher. Firstly, we must control the feed size and feed rate, control the feed rhythm, adjust the angle of the feeder and the discharge port of the crusher, which can not only improve the crushing The capacity of the machine can also effectively prevent the crusher from jamming and avoid failure.