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What kind of equipment should I buy for a gravel yard?

  • By: Damon Davis
  • 2020-11-18
Stones are a necessity for building materials and are in high demand. The profits of the gravel yard are also considerable. Many investors focus on opening a gravel yard to make money. So, to open a gravel yard, you must first have equipment, what equipment is needed, and a set of equipment that can process large ore into small stones.
What equipment does the gravel yard have to produce stones?
The stone production equipment is a set of production line equipment, either fixed or mobile. The fixed stone production line is a traditional configuration, and the mobile stone production equipment is a movable stone production line, which is more convenient for production. See the detailed introduction below.
Stone crushing plant production line (fixed)
The equipment required for a fixed gravel yard stone production line includes: feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher/cone crusher, vibrating screen, conveyor, etc.
The jaw crusher is responsible for coarse ore crushing. The impact crusher and cone crusher are fine crushing crushers, medium-hard and low-hardness ore crushing and selecting impact crushers, and high-hard ore crushing and selecting cone crushers. Vibrating screens, feeders, and conveyors are all indispensable auxiliary equipment.
Mobile gravel equipment for gravel yard
The mobile stone equipment is basically the same as the above configuration, but the fixed equipment is installed on the movable frame to form the mobile equipment. Common mobile gravel equipment configurations in gravel yards are: mobile jaw crusher + counterattack mobile crushing station, or mobile jaw crusher + cone crusher mobile crushing station. There are also three-combination mobile crushing station, four-combination mobile crushing station, and more configurations, all customized to meet customer needs.
Where to buy gravel yard equipment?
The crushing yard equipment is a large-scale mining equipment with large models and high prices. It is recommended to buy directly from the manufacturer. It will be much cheaper than secondary suppliers such as middlemen and agents. The manufacturer provides equipment selection and production line design. Customization, equipment installation and commissioning, after-sales maintenance and other services, equipment quality and after-sales service are guaranteed. Shanghai Dongmeng Road and Bridge Machinery Manufacturers are recommended here, who have qualifications, production experience, a certain scale of production, complete equipment types and models, and are direct-selling manufacturers. The prices will be very favorable. You can directly visit the factory to inspect equipment, services and manufacturers.